Adult Beverages 

Canned Beers by Langhorne Brewing Company

SipVicious IPA 7.5%   4 pack $20      Case $50     


LBC Dave (wheat) 4.8%     4 pack $15      Case $40

Sixtel Kegs $100 

D.F.N.I (brown ale)


Black Cat (stout)

SipVicious (IPA) 


Triple Belgain

$30 keg Deposit

1/2 kegs available upon request


LBC's beers on Tap

$8 for 16oz mason jar/ 64oz  growler $20 (buy our growler add $10)

***$12 16oz mason jar/ 64oz growler $30 (buy our growler add $10)

German Pilsner 5.4%               Scottish Ale 5.2%                      DFNI (brown ale) 5.8%

Black Cat Stout 5.12%              Raspberry Wheat 4.75%          Dave (wheat) 4.8%

Blonde Stout on Nitro 5.9%   

Rye IPA                                  SipVicious IPA 7.5%***              Belgian Triple 9.5%***



Margarita      Mojito       Sangria     Bloody Mary   Cosmopolitan    Manhattan     Old Fashion


WINE by the BOTTLE Crossing Vineyards, Washington Crossing PA $20


WHITE:       Sauvignon Blanc       Riesling       Chardonnay       Pinot Grigio       


RED:         Cabernet Sauvignon       Merlot       Pinot Noir

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